GL Open Benchmark Suite


Developing slowdown
Habitual readers of my blog already know that I'm working for this year Summer of Code, even if I proposed to work on GL O.B.S. in my first application I finished working for PySoy.
I'm very happy anyway because it's always something related with Python and 3D graphics, but this also means that GL O.B.S. is no more my first priority this summer, but don't worry, the project is not abandoned. ;)
Testing the new site
Me and cowa are testing the new site, it will allow the user to register for tests submission and will feature a more powerful browser.
This means that release 0.2 will be delayed a bit, we need some work on the application in order to support the new database.
We want you!
We are going to release version 0.2 soon but we need help.
If you're willing to test, translate or contribute in other ways please make us know as we really need your support and feedback.
We are alive!
Two months without a news...
We are all very busy at the moment, but we will be back coding soon!
As a proof of this I have committed rev. 28 and rev. 30. :)
New team member
Christian "Cowa" Pedaschus joined the team!
He will work hard on the online database design and management and on the PHP scripting side of the site.
Welcome to him too. :)
SVN Stats on CIA
All the Subversion commits are now monitored by CIA - The Open Source Informant and a CIA bot has joined the IRC channel to update you realtime about every commit!

Have a look at the statistics page at CIA.
IRC channel registered
I have registered the #Globs IRC channel on
Come and talk about the program! :-)
New team member
A big welcome to Tobias "Hephaesteus" Tost, the new GL O.B.S. developer.
Good work Tobias!
Online results submission
With the last SVN revision you can use the GUI to submit your results to a common online database which is browsable from this site.
Site uploaded
This site is finally online!
Project registered
Sourceforge has accepted my takeover for GL.O.B.S.!
Its journey officially begins today.